Get Your Residential Site Plan for $697

Here's what it includes:

  1. Topography – The drawing will show the existing grade and future ground. Drone scans and ALTA surveys are an option to obtain the existing topography as an added service otherwise county data is used.

  2. Boundaries – The final dimensioned drawing will show property lines, zoning setbacks, wetlands, and any other boundaries needed. Survey pins will be shown as needed.

  3. Impervious Surfaces and Parking – The drawing will show all areas that are paved, structures, or gravel where there will be water runoff. Adjacent streets and alleys shown.

  4. Utilities – The drawing will show existing and Future utility connections.

  5. Plantings – We will display existing and new planting as needed.

  6. Erosion Control– We will show an erosion control plan to satisfy local requirements. Drainage patterns will be shown.

  7. Local Compliance– The final product will be compliant with the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.

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