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Get your Project Rolling.

You want to have confidence in order to impress others and to handle a project of any size. In order to do that you need compelling and accurate visuals including drawings and 3D models so that you can obtain documentation, pricing, funding, and permits. 

Time is Money.

Time and budgets are tight which makes you feel rushed and stressed. Architecture and Engineering Professionals should make construction faster and more profitable, instead of becoming speedbumps to construction. 

Spend Up Front. Save Money Later.

Your work needs to be done quickly and accurately because change orders and delays can cost a lot of money. This is why we utilize advanced technology and innovation in order to consistently deliver above industry-standard deliverables. 

Here's how we do it:

1.  Discovery Call

Let's chat to discover your needs and determine the scope.

2.  Sign Agreement

We will make sure both you and us understand what is being provided.

3.  Production Starts

We get started right away.

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It may be true that our office is located in Duluth, MN; we can serve you no matter where you are located as we are masters at working remotely.


You can stop...

Working beyond your capacity for prolonged periods of time, which in turn leads to ruining your good reputation, brewing a toxic work culture, and even losing clients.


And start being impressive, handling projects that are beyond your expertise and capacity.

What our customers are saying:

"My daughter is starting a business and she needed to have design work done so that her business Burlington Station could put in G-Scale model railroads. AEC was great to work with. Details were taken care of. Communication was excellent. The completed documents were spot on. I would recommend AEC to anyone who needs to have a house design done, or wants drawings for building projects."

Chris Swanson

"Sam asked all the right questions because within a few hours had my land mapped out with house and shop sitting at the elevations we talked about, with the driveway shape and size and correct turns all drawn in, was very impressed will do business with you again!!"

Clint Massie

"Windsor (our company) partnered with the AEC center recently when we had a major shortage of manpower. Sam worked tirelessly alongside our engineers to help us deliver on our commitments. Not only did Sam feel like part of the team, we couldn't of done it without him. I would recommend the AEC center to any Architecture or Engineering team out there."

Jude Homola

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